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Online communication is essential in today's marketplace. We offer many different online marketing and advertising solutions that will be sure to deliver your message across your target market.

E-MARKETING PLANS (Cost per Click Advertising)
Looking for a great way to bring more traffic to your website? We offer 4 different E-Marketing Plans that will help drive traffic to your website and potentially land your organization more sales

Viral Marketing Solutions:
We provide different Viral Marketing Strategies (word of mouth advertising). We can simply place a "Tell-a-Friend" link on your website. or create an interactive flash presentation (E-Cards) that will display information about your company in a fun and attractive way. After your e-card is created, we will send it to all the contacts you elect to receive it. Your contacts will also have the capability to forward it to their contacts. This will potentially allow your e-card to be viewed by thousands.

Banner Ad Creation and Media Purchasing:
Our designers would be happy to create any size banner ad for your online marketing needs. We also have the capability of creating animated flash ads. Once we create the ad, we will assist you in placing it in strategic locations on the web.

Search Engine Optimization and Submission:
Search engines are still the number one way web visitors find your site. Our company offers search engine optimization services that will help your website receive better rankings in search engines. After we optimize your pages for the search engines, we will submit your site to them.

Affiliate Programs:
How would you like to have other websites help you sell and promote your products or services? We will help you develop an affiliate program that will enable other websites drive traffic and sales to your website.

Newsletter Subscription List Management
A great way to receive more traffic to your website is by allowing your website visitors to sign-up to receive a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Your newsletter could contain any information you would like to share with them. You could mention a new product or service you offer, a new employee you hired, specials and promotions, or anything else you would like to share with them. Managing your list of subscribers is an automated process. Website visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe to your list without your interaction. You also have control of manually removing and adding subscribers to the list. Our solution also supports mass importing and exporting of email addresses. In additon, we can also create a stylish email stationery template that will include your logo and graphics with every email you send. A great way to keep your brand in front of your subscribers.

Website Traffic Analysis:
An extremely important facet of online marketing is being able to analyze your website traffic. You will want to know how your visitors are finding your site, how long they're staying, which pages they're viewing, which banner ads are working, which affiliates are producing the best results, and more. This information will allow you to make informed online marketing decisions as well as product mix input.

Your monthly report will display:

  • Number of Visits and Page Views your site received
  • A list of search words that web surfers used to find your site 
  •  Which search engines brought visits to your site
  •  A list of other websites that brought visits to your site
  •  Popular Pages and Unpopular Pages
  •  Visitor Duration (how long they stayed at your site)
  •  Visitor Paths (which order did they view your pages)
  •  Visitor Frequency (how many times did they visit your site)
  •  Entry pages and exit pages
  •  Visitor System Info(screen res, operating system, etc)
  •  Affiliate tracking

If you're interested in any of our online marketing and advertising solutions, please contact us We would be happy to put these great solutions into action for your company.

Looking for a great way to bring more traffic to your website? We offer 4 different E-Marketing Plans that will help drive traffic to your website and potentially land your organization more sales.

Online Marketing Form
Please fill out our online marketing form to have us create a strategic online marketing plan for your company.

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